Frequently Asked Questions
What is the minimum payout and how long does it take to receive my payment?
The minimum payout for Coin2Send is $1.In order to receive your payment request you must wait up to 7 business days
My payment got canceled and the funds returned to my account.
This happened for two reasons,either you submitted an invalid account id or you requested your payout to Payza but the amount was less 1,05$.
How many direct referrals can i have?
You can have unlimited direct referrals even as a standard member.
How much does it cost to buy referrals?
25 Cents
Do i have to click ads in order to earn from my referrals the next day?

Yes,you need to click at least 4 ads in order to earn from your referrals the next day.

Cash back advertising We are not a ponzi we just offer 100% cash back advertising you need to earn extra by joining rotate4all and adding your ptp link and credits to the site

How to earn 140% on cash back advertising Each ad pack costs $1 you will earn $1 back faster based on membership and get 1000 credits add your ptp link from rotate4all and get up to 40 cents per 1000 views. Therefore up to 140% on cash back advertising.

Buy ads as low as 15 cents per 1000 get a ptp account at rotate for all  put the link on the site and earn up to 40 cents per 1000
Where can i find my referral link and start promoting
In order to find your referral link you have to go to your account and then on the left menu click on "Promotional Tools".There you will find everything you need in order to promote your referral link and get direct referrals.
Why i can not see ptc ads?
You have to deactivate adblock from your browser settings.
How much can i withdraw each time?

No limit

Which are the supported payment processors?

Here is the list of the supported payment processors as well as the withdraw fees for each one :

Coin2Send 10%

Skrill 10%

Paypal 10%